Highlighting Diverse Industry Insights

This past Monday, June 3rd, we at A&M Architects successfully held our annual conference, featuring a series of speakers from five different sectors. The event, held at the Vorres Museum, brought together leaders, prominent architects, and professionals from Greece and abroad for a day filled with inspiring talks and engaging discussions.

Our keynote speakers, Tina Marinaki – Athens Surreal, Elettra de Pellegrin – Designer & Founder of Slalom, Nefeli Rantou – Co-Founder of synergy, Julian Lipscombe – Director of Bennetts Associates, and Konstantinos Kintzios – ReGeneration | Keynote Speaker | #1 podcast host, shared their unique perspectives on innovation, AI, design, accessibility for all members of society, and industry trends focusing on sustainability. Their contributions sparked constructive discussions and provided participants with valuable insights to apply in their own practices.

Through this annual conference, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange, emphasizing the importance of continuous adaptation in a rapidly evolving industry. The event also highlighted our ongoing efforts to integrate cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices into our work, while also including significant awards for our employees.