Our people, our power, working across multiple disciplines

Afroditi Talagkozi Am Architects

Afroditi Talagozi

Alexandros Gavalas Am Architects

Alexandros Gavalas

Facilities Coordinator
Alexandros Paschaloudis Am Architects

Alexandros Paschaloudis

Senior Architect | Design Operations Manager
Anastasia Choli Am Architects

Anastasia Choli

Architect | Design Leader
Andreas Goniadakisam Architects

Andreas Gonianakis

Technical Supervisor
Anna Stratoudaki Am Architects

Anna Stratoudaki

Architect | Design Leader
Athina Mitropoulou Am Architects

Athina Mitropoulou

Senior Interior Designer
Christina Spanou Am Architects

Christina Spanou

Senior Architect
Daphne Tsolou Am Architects

Daphne Tsolou

Project Architect
Dimitra Oikonomou Am Architects

Dimitra Oikonomou

Civil Engineer | Bids & Contract Administrator
Efi Zografou Am Architects

Efi Zografou

Project Architect
Eleni Papageorgiou Am Architects

Eleni Papageorgiou

Project Architect
Eugenia Zioga Am Architects

Evgenia Zioga

Project Architect
Giorgos Parasyris Am Architects

Giorgos Parasyris

Architect | Design Leader
Ioanna Flouri Am Architects

Ioanna Flouri

Architect | Design Leader
Ioanna Papazani Am Architects

Ioanna Papazani

Architect | Quantity Surveyor
Ioanna Tsiamoura Am Architects

Ioanna Tsiamoura

Ioanna Tzikou Am Architects

Ioanna Tzikou

Kleoniki Karanikola Am Architects

Kleoniki Karanikola

Administration | Karpathos Office
Konstantina Troulinou Am Architects

Konstantina Troullinou

Junior Architect
Konstantinos Maroulas Am Architects

Konstantinos Maroulas

Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos Am Architects

Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos

Project Architect
Lee Zygouras Am Architects

Lee Zygouras

Design Quality Director
Esmi Manguerra Am Architects

Manguerra Esmeralda

Manolis Matthaios Am Architects

Manolis Matthaios

Site Engineer
Manto Bountioukou Am Architects

Manto Mpountioukou

Maria Kyrisavva Am Architects

Maria Kyrisavva

Architect | BIM Coordinator
Laura Santillo Am Architects

Maria Laura Santillo

Senior Architect | Interior Design Leader
Maria Marinea Am Architects

Maria Marinea

HR Officer
Maria Skoutari Am Architects

Maria Skoutari

Client Service | Reception
Maria Tsinavou Am Architects

Maria Tsinavou

Civil Engineer | Quantity Surveyor
Marianna Kavallari Am Architects

Marianna Kavallari

Marika Mavroleon Am Architects

Marika Mavroleon

Architect | Business Development Director
Mariza Xevgenou Am Architects

Mariza Xevgenou

Interior Architect
Mary Dasiou Am Architects

Mary Dasiou

Administration Officer | Personal Assistant to CEO
Mary Dialektaki Am Architects

Mary Dialektaki

Project Architect
Melpo Danou Am Architects

Melpo Danou

Project Architect
Michael Mavroleon Am Architects

Michael Mavroleon

Mina Skariba Am Architects

Mina Skariba

Mechanical Engineer | Construction Manager
Nikolaos Menagias Am Architects

Nikos Menagias

Finance Manager
Olivia Stathi Am Architects

Olivia Stathi

Interior Designer | Stylist
Panagiotis Fouskas Am Architects

Panagiotis Fouskas

IT Manager | Software Development
Pantelis Tatsos Am Architects

Pantelis Tatsos

Architect | Design Leader
Petros Petropoulos Am Architects

Petros Petropoulos

Project Manager
Smaragda Keramitsopoulou Am Architects

Smaragda Keramitsopoulou

Administration Coordinator
Sofia Avramopoulou Am Architects

Sofia Avramopoulou

Project Architect
Sotiris Theodorou Am Architects

Sotirios Theodorou

Civil Engineer | Construction Manager
Sotiris Panteliadis Am Architects

Sotiris Panteliadis

Mechanical Engineer
Stelios Kelepouris Am Architects

Stelios Kelepouris

IT Support
Fotini Duka Am Architects

Tania Duka

Junior Architect
Tasos Koukoutsis Am Architects

Tasos Koukoutsis

Associate | Senior Architect
Theocharis Stamatiadis Am Architects

Theocharis Stamatiadis

Civil Engineer | Karpathos Office Leader
Thodoris Paraskeuopoulos Am Architects

Thodoris Paraskevopoulos

Technical Supervisor
Timoleon Giavroutas Am Architects

Timoleon Giavroutas

3D Visualizer
Vaia Giakitzi Am Architects

Vaia Giakintzi

Vassilia Papaelia Am Architects

Vasilia Papaelias

Senior Accountant
Vasiliki Neokosmou Am Architects

Vasiliki Neokosmou

Project Architect
Vassilis Akritidis Am Architects

Vassilis Akritidis

Senior PM | PM Unit Leader
Vicky Xydea Am Architects

Vicky Xydea

Junior Architect
Violeta Lampara Am Architects

Violeta Lampara

Graphic Designer
Xanthi Bartzota Am Architects

Xanthi Georgia Bartsota

3D Visualizer
Xenia Liodi Am Architects

Xenia Liodi

Architect | 3D Visuals Leader
Zoi Sntikou Am Architects

Zoi Santikou

Marketing Communications Coordinator

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