Design Director

Esta graduated from the School of Architecture of NTUA in 2007 and continued her studies at the University College of London, obtaining an MSc in Construction Economics and Management. With a ten-year experience under her belt in designing and managing hotels, luxury homes and private yachts in Greece and abroad, she became a member of our family in early 2014.

Initially, from the position of Project Manager, Esta represented A&M in the United Arab Emirates. Under her coordination and management from the dual position of Architect/PM, the company completed its projects at the airports of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in great success.

Disciplined, with a strong sense of responsibility, Esta proved quickly her efficiency in the tasks she was assigned and today, from the position of Design Operations Manager, organizes and coordinates our company’s design projects and the communication with the clients, ensuring in the best possible way the smooth operation and quality production of Α&Μ’s planning activities. With her thorough knowledge on the procedures of the specifications and the special requirements of each project, she represents our company in the international arena, controlling the cost, the quality and the delivery time, aiming at achieving the goals of the project and the client.