Michael studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens where he graduated in 1980 and later on obtained his Masters of Science in 1982 from the Carnegie Mellon University | Institute of Building Sciences. After graduating with a master’s degree, Michael worked in the USA and returned to Greece to found the A&M GROUP.

The deep and well-rounded knowledge he possesses in Architecture and Design, as well as the constant need to search for new methodologies while treating each project as a challenge, are some of the main drivers of Michael’s professional philosophy.

With an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit Michael believes in a creative collaboration, something that has been a distinct asset in the A&M attitude for many years. Michael has shaped A&M’s core values based on the philosophy and core value of a Greek family as well as the American mentality of professionalism.

Today, Michael holds the position of Chairman and CEO of A&M Architects, broadening the company’s international outlook with his ability to create relations of trust and friendship with the company’s clients and associates.