In line with 3M’s global commitment to applying science and creating products that enhance our daily lives, the project aimed to project a change in philosophy for modern workplaces. The result is a striking office space that combines a friendly working environment with unparalleled flexibility through versatile spaces.
A&M’s proposal is a testament to 3M’s understanding of the evolving needs of today’s workforce. Emphasizing transparency, open and visible spaces, and incorporating the innovative products of 3M, the new offices exude the atmosphere of a showroom, where the company’s products seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment.
The office layout features a careful balance of open and closed spaces. The closed spaces serve multiple purposes, functioning as dedicated offices or small meeting rooms for 2-4 people. By employing movable walls, these areas can also transform into larger meeting rooms accommodating 6-8 people. Perforated dividers and greenery elements elegantly delineate spaces, offering employees a range of options, including adjustable workstations, phone booths, and open lounges.
The heart of the office design lies in the breakout space, which plays a pivotal role in strengthening the social fabric among 3M’s employees and customers. This inviting area provides an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and interaction, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the company.
A noteworthy feature is the specially designed Town Hall area, which serves as both a large meeting room for up to 12 people and a communication hub for the entire company. This multifunctional space caters to the diverse needs of 3M’s dynamic workforce, enabling efficient collaboration and effective communication throughout the organization.
By integrating the principles of transparency, flexibility, and employee well-being, A&M has transformed the office into a vibrant and dynamic environment that reflects 3M’s commitment to scientific innovation and a progressive work culture.