Standing on the top of a rocky cliff 65 meters above sea level, a hospitality complex of a 4-star hotel unit is emerging on the eastern side of Karpathos Island. Designed to create an optimal use of its setting while respecting the location’s seclusion and untouched natural landscape, the new hospitality entry consists of seven villas along with a central building of communal activities placed as if it’s ‘leaning’ on the hill. All apartment buildings are positioned strategically to ensure panoramic views of the Aegean Sea from all angles. The main welcoming building, hosting breakfast and lounge areas is designed to protect the complex from the intense northwest winds of the area while creating a connecting link between indoors, outdoors and the striking view to the rocky scenery and the sea.
Featured in 3 typologies, the apartments of this hotel provide spaces of 125sqm, 115sqm and 75sqm. The first typology of 115sqm is developed on the outer east side of the plot, while the two storey villas of 125sqm are placed on the south side, adjacent to the rural road, to allow unobstructed views for the third typology of 75sqm villas. Regardless of type, each villa is designed to have its own private pool along with a dedicated shaded outdoor area that embraces the feeling of floating above the sea while overlooking the island’s “khora”. The hotel’s core building incorporates the reception area of the complex, dining & breakfast areas, a business center and a gym, while the building’s volumes create a protected square that acts as a meeting point connecting the residences together.
Special emphasis is given on the quality of the interior spaces, which are designed using simple elements in clean cut lines handing the outside views the leading role. Natural shades, stone and wood is used for the facades finishes aiming to integrate the buildings into the terrain as if they were part of the site’s geology. Same materials are used inside of the buildings contributing to the integration with the landscape while making the interiors feel warm and hospitable.