In an exclusive closed competition featuring prominent Greek architectural firms, ZOIA, invited design proposals to revitalize a significant landmark built in the 70’s. Nestled in the heart of Athens while overlooking the statue of Alexander the Great and opposite to the Pillars of the Olympian Zeus, the office building on 40 Vasilissis Amalias Avenue is finally gaining a new narrative after it was burned and vandalized in 2010. Located in a prestigious area of Athens, the vision behind this project revolved around reusing & restoring the city’s 70s asset, by giving it a new identity while allowing the abandoned building to become a workplace destination.

Originally constructed in 1977, the building stands as a testament to its era, comprising 4 stories, 2 basement levels, and an exquisite rooftop offering a panoramic view of the captivating city below. A&M’s vision for the project centered on a paramount goal – the thoughtful development of the building envelope. The new facade design boasts elements that artfully preserve transparency, protecting the majestic sightlines of the neighboring historic center, the resplendent Olympian Zeus pillars, and the verdant national park.

To address the play of natural light and shield the building from the sun’s fervent rays, a meticulously crafted second skin was conceived with the proportions of the revered “golden ratio.” This bespoke facade was explicitly created to forge a profound connection with the ancient monuments adorning the area while paying homage to the building’s original architectural language from the ’70s.

The golden ratio’s grace is manifested across two layers, first being interwoven into the structure itself, and the second woven into the facade’s geometry, incorporating an array of shading devices to cater to the building’s functional and thermal needs. Vertical louvers, strategically placed, offer elegant sun shading in the morning, while also deftly directing occupants’ gazes towards the enchanting sights of the surroundings. And in a rhythmic display of design finesse, the remaining envelope is adorned with vertical blinds inspired by the “Fibonacci Sequence.”

The glory of the renewed structure lies on its rooftop, offering an unparalleled experience. Overlooking the Acropolis, the pillars of the Olympian Zeus, and the magnificent Hadrian’s Gate, this elevated space is destined to be the haven of entertainment and wellness, promising a truly memorable experience for all who visit.