Settled along a coastal road in the municipality of Pigadia, Karpathos, the “ARCUS Luxury Suites” hotel stands a mere 20.00 meters away from the coastline, boasting an unobstructed view of the sea. Originally constructed in 1990 as a hotel, the building has undergone a complete transformation, both inside and out, adopting a new character and brand identity, courtesy of a comprehensive redesign by A&M. Initially characterized by pronounced its arched carved framing balconies, the building now exudes a fresh yet timeless aura, aligning seamlessly with the renewed purpose of the hotel.
The chaotic construction defining the built environment served as the foundation for a more geometric and structured approach, instilling a sense of tranquility in the overall landscape and waterfront facade. A key element of the architectural composition is the sense of movement achieved by the new facade. This sensation is articulated through the vertical elements running outside the facade, following a wave-like carving that directly references the element of the sea. Their varied density and slight displacement from floor to floor contribute to enhancing the illusion of this airy and perpetual motion. The balconies are treated with more geometric volumes, contrasting with the sculptural quality of the vertical elements. Independent volumes protrude from the facade, ensuring an unobstructed view of the sea, offering a frame to the endless blue. The lateral vertical projections enhance the privacy of the hotel’s occupants, adding an extra layer of value to the user experience.
Distinguishing itself from the rest of the building, the ground level forms a unified horizontal zone, with transparency and visual immediacy between the interior and exterior spaces. The boundaries between inside and outside become fluid, allowing natural light to bathe the functions of the ground floor, creating spaces that invite exploration. The entrance is sheltered by a characteristic, arched-shaped canopy, which, combined with the hotel’s name, “ARCUS Luxury Suites,” conveys a subtle message, inviting the visitor to step inside and discover how the element of arches has transitioned from the original facade of the building to its interior, with an entirely new character and fresh approach.

With the owners, eager to reconnect with their ancestral roots, the hotel’s reconstruction and the inception of a new ground-floor restaurant were inspired by cherished mementos and heartfelt memories from their immigrating past, a poignant journey that infused the interiors with an evocative blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair. Every aspect of the interior design bears significance, serving as a conduit for expressing the profound emotions and aspirations associated with the concept of ‘homecoming.’
Balancing elements from the bygone era with a fresh perspective, the design smoothly captures the essence of vintage aesthetics, employing warm retro hues, ceramic tiles reminiscent of the Aegean Sea, and furnishings that pay homage to traditional craftsmanship. The fusion of vibrant colors, tactile materials, and intricate patterns fosters an inviting ambience, laced with the allure of romance and hospitality. From the charming bar adorned with hues mirroring the Aegean landscape to the thoughtfully curated guest rooms on each floor, an eclectic yet cohesive blend of bohemian elegance takes center stage, weaving an enchanting tale of timeless allure.