In an effort to shift into a more sustainable future while creating the movement #allazoumesinithies to introduce a healthy-lifestyle in-store franchise, the well-known Greek supermarket player AB came up with the concept of “Armonia”.

“Armonia” is an in-store department created to provide a curated collection of organic and bio products ranging from food, cosmetics, cleaning products, herbs and more, making up for yet another addition in supermarket’s re-branding portfolio.

The designed logo is set to symbolise 3 elements: balance, green & nature.
With the store’s philosophy turning into the logo’s components, to narrate each story, the clean and minimalistic conceptual packaging design exudes an essence of peace due to the delicate serif typography, working as a secondary tool shaping the gentle and clean look & feel of the packaging.
The debossed logotype and the earthy colour palette, reflect the natural ingredients. The pattern is inspired by the crushed structure of soap bar, that can be easily expanded to all kinds of different products, giving the brand a strong and unique identity, ideal for pure and natural products.
Among the branding proposal for Armonia, A&M designed the packaging for Armonia products used as case study by AB.