Following a series of interviews with, A&M was selected to do the Design & Project Management of’s new offices, in the newly “Orbit” building on Leoforos Kifissias Ave in Athens. The new offices represent a destination of a unique experience for its employees and visitors aiming to create a familiar feeling. A miniature city and a network of routes is translated into office space with areas for focused work, collaboration, places to meet up and spaces for play and relaxation.

The floorplan is organized through spinal circulation while focus or collaboration areas were placed along a zoning gradation system moving from private to more public areas. Near the entrance several private meeting rooms take place next to a workstation dedicated area. Blending with other uses, a collaboration area is allocated with diverse qualities and features according to the nature of work, while at the other end of the spinal route, a dedicated cafeteria makes its appearance as a place to relax, socialize or play.

While all areas are designed with a sense of place, particular attention was paid on the visual communication starting with the entry where the local artist “natasouko” hand drew a mural for Environmental and Wayfinding graphics were also designed by A&M Graphics. The office design aims to create a playful work environment, contribute to user’s wellbeing and minimize the impact on our planet with the use of greenery, sustainable materials and adaptive technology.