Located on the south-eastern part of Mykonos, a new boutique hotel is making its appearance on the island carrying the design signature of A&M. Sitting gracefully right above the sophisticated beach of Lia, the new hotel is set to offer unobstructed views to the Cycladic Sea along with a unique sense of place to its users.

With only 18 keys that have been distributed into three categories of rooms, depending on the square meters and their location, the design of the spaces focused mainly on indoor and communal outdoor areas. Having an undivided respect towards the local architecture, a key prerequisite was the use of materials mainly extracted from the island complex of Cyclades. Stone and whitish masonry star in the space, referring to the island’s whitewashed alleys of “Chora”, while the wooden pergolas paired with the shades and textures of the fabrics used, make a direct reference to the sand.

From the very first entrance to the hotel, particular attention is paid to the sense of hospitality. The reception is being treated more as a welcome area and explicitly designed to abide to this flow of user movement creating a direct access to the adjacent pool bar where the visitor receives its first warming treatment. The pool is strategically placed between the restaurant and the view to the beach while a private spa designed to create the illusion of a modern cave is located right below.