Deloitte, one of the world’s leading consulting companies, decided to reorganize part of its headquarters in Marousi in order to reach the capacity needed in relation to its human dynamic. At the same time, Deloitte wanted to upgrade the aesthetics of the work environment and optimize the unused spaces inside the building. A&M was assigned with the Design & Build of the space using Deloitte’s parameters, international ergonomics and safety standards as guidelines. The project was completed within the estimated timeline and budget and the spaces occupy 1080 M2 of the building distributed in 3 levels hosting 99 workstations both in open plan layout and close offices. The integration of the existing small atriums on the 2nd level as well as the natural and artificial lighting design, played an important role for the A&M team that was successfully carried out in the final design. The aesthetics of the office as well as the branding image of Deloitte are showcased through the use of new graphic elements based on the advanced corporate identity and other 3D applications.


Deloitte’s new office extension was not a regular office design project. Already located in the old Village Cinemas complex in Marousi, Deloitte grew to house more employees, witnessing the company’s success in the market of consulting. The ground floor space, chosen for the extension had some special geometric features mainly due to the large two-storey height with an inner loft in one zone and a sloping roof in the center of the space.
The slope of the roof was a dominant design composition element, leading to the design of 2 sloping asymmetric “wings” of opposite directions which dominate the entire length of the open room and carry most of the mechanical installations and lighting of the central space. The floorplan allowed for the creation of some closed offices, a large open area with open plan workstation, a meeting room and some auxiliary uses, necessary for the right workplace culture. Coffee corners, lounge areas and gathering spaces alleviate the density of working areas while a dedicated restaurant area adds a cool vibe that contributes to the culture of Deloitte.