Fresh Line started in 1992 with one store as a family business following traditional family recipes. Today, it has more than 100 employees, with 6,000 sqm production unit and a network of 250 sale units in 12 countries of committed friends around the world. It produces more than 300 natural cosmetics based on a wide variety of essential oils, plant extracts, natural butter and clinically proven active ingredients.

In 2018, A&M was selected to redesign its stores. The design criteria focused of the new image focused on the preservation of the basic elements of the original identity with the functional upgrading of the space. The recognizable yellow color of the brand was used at selective strategic points while the mint color was added in the space which is associated with the freshness required by the new proposal. The new image merges the two Fresh Line product lines; the production of natural material and the scientific research to produce them. These two “ingredients” were the starting point of the “Kitchen – Lab” concept.  

With 3 key product displays, such as the Fresh Bar, where the consumer can weigh goods before buying, the central area of ​​promotion of seasonal products and the Experience counter- a new introduction into the store , the consumer experience is completed through the showcase of the brand diversity of Freshline. Lighting has a special role, as it highlights space and products with a combination of pendant lighting fixtures and spotlights that highlight the products in the perimeter zone and others that focus on certain points such as the central tables. 

Through furniture standardization, clear labeling and clear product categorization, the overall functionality and brand of the space becomes apparent and easy to repeat to future stores.