Generali’s newest headquarters, strategically nestled amidst the bustling Syggrou Avenue in downtown Athens, emerges as a cutting-edge, bioclimatic office complex, boasting LEED Gold certification for its commitment to sustainable design. Collaborating with A&M for the interior design, Generali set its sights on achieving not only functional excellence but also a captivating aesthetic, seamlessly weaving harmony throughout the entire space to cater to the company’s current requirements.

Spanning four underground levels and seven above-ground floors, the building encompasses a grand total of approximately 8,000 square meters. Greeted by an awe-inspiring double-height reception area adorned with dynamic elements like pristine white marble and polished stainless steel, visitors to the ground floor are instantly immersed in a world of luxury. Notably, the Training Room, also situated on this level, bestows versatile utility upon its occupants, effortlessly adapting to their needs by potentially transforming into two smaller rooms with the aid of a movable partition.

Ascending to the upper floors, Generali’s philosophy of vibrant open-space work areas gracefully welcomes its primary workforce. Meticulous material selection remains paramount, optimizing work conditions, bolstering employee productivity, and elevating the overall aesthetic of the work environment. Neutral hues, sleekly designed furniture, and sound-absorbing dividers coalesce to sharpen focus and foster efficiency among employees. Each floor, thoughtfully curated, houses enclosed meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, and peaceful break out areas, expertly presented through elegant glass partitions and specialized membranes that ensure sound isolation. The meeting rooms radiate with an energizing presence, enhanced by the interplay of dynamic vertical and horizontal surfaces, inspiring and channelling creativity.

On the 6th floor, the visitor is greeted by a dining area exuding a sense of tranquillity, brought forth by warm wooden finishes and a comforting color palette. Rising further to the 7th floor, an air of executive sophistication descends, setting this level apart from the communal spaces found on the lower floors. The CEO’s office and the Boardroom exemplify a tasteful investment in bold geometries, masterfully cloaked in tones of grey and charcoal, imparting a distinct formality and an aura of luxury.

Throughout Generali Hellas’ offices, the interior design speaks eloquently of the company’s identity, harmoniously echoing the clean lines of the encompassing architecture, thoughtfully employing refined shapes and quality lighting, all culminating in a workspace that epitomizes freshness and innovation.