Within the scope of hundreds of housing units in Athens metropolitan area, Grammikos Group is a newly formed real estate development company with a client-oriented approach, a prominent group of companies that conducts itself with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

To be able to fulfil GG’s vision, A&M started off by creating the brand name. Grammi (line) + ikos (home) = grammikos (linear), forms the meaning of line, to imply various messages depending on the line’s width, thickness, and direction.

The signified messages related to the brand’s DNA were connection, harmony, direction, and growth, while the concept was based on the linear forms that contemporary city buildings create along with the dynamic shapes that a single line can generate. The logotype is solely designed by this single line, showing continuity and simplicity to generate a feeling of connection. Simultaneously, the greenish colour palette represents nature and fertility to deliver a wider sense of space formed through the interaction with the structural element.