Focusing on the combination of perspective (from inside to outside) and privacy (from outside to inside), Iris Residence takes its name from a mechanical element found in photographic cameras used to provide a variable-sized opening in the optical path to control the amount of light, the “aperture”, “ίρις” in Greek. Designed as an integrated whole of architecture, interior design & landscaping, the residence almost literally embodies its given name.
Located close to Haidari Forest, the design takes reference from both its natural and urban surroundings offering breathtaking views of the Athenian city center. The dwelling is designed as a home for the client’s family considering various future living scenarios. Influenced by a more minimalistic approach, the exterior is a volumetric game of open and enclosed cubes that let the light in and provide for public and private spaces.
Set on a 250sqm plot, the house evolves into a two – storey building taking full advantage of the sweeping views. Upon entering the house from ground level, the inhabitant is first introduced to a staircase leading them to a double height living room that provides the main area where the family gathers. An area marked as the heart of the house operating as a connecting point for the dining area, the kitchen and the mezzanine level which maintains a visual connection between the two floors and the outside views.
The second floor features two bedrooms each with its own spacious bathroom along with a separate wardrobe room, while the basement incorporates a retreat feel featuring a playroom area, gym and hammam turning the house into a unique escape from the noisy city. The uppermost level of the residence boasts a tranquil terrace space, complete with a swimming pool and an outdoor BBQ area, making it the perfect place to unwind and relax.
A vital component crowning the overall living experience of the house is its luminous interiors featuring warm earthy tones creating a calm peaceful ambiance. A serene space enhanced by the use of natural materials such as timber and natural stones.