Jade Residences is a new concept of living, located in the south suburbs of Athens, offering an outstanding view to the sea while capturing surrounding views. The complex is consisted of 8 apartments ranging from 121m2 to 172m2 ranging in levels of luxury. Typical Apartments, Garden Duplex, a unique Penthouse, and various common use facilities make up for the building’s amenities.

Designed to provide various visual “experiences” to its tenants, a volume with “clean” geometries and openings is to be created, aiming on optimized orientation and full utilization of natural light. Composed with recesses and protrusions, the building is providing a wide range of moments both indoors and outdoors while the final geometric result is formed with respect to privacy. Contrasting to the whitewashed texture, marble finished surfaces within the building’s recessed areas, create contrast between the different levels, simulating the technique of stone carving used to reveal precious stones such as jade. To add a sense of warmth, wood plays a significant role to the façade reflecting the intense natural landscape of the area, the proximity to the future park of Hellinikon, as well as the direct visual contact with the sea.

A distinguishing feature of the building, which is classified as A+ category in energy efficiency, is its shared planted floor which is directly connected with the rest of the building’s composition as well as the surrounding area, contributes to the area’s microclimate and ensures thermal comfort to residents and visitors.