Lloyds Register-Hellenic Lloyds, one of the most influential shipping companies worldwide, and their brand new Athens offices are finally complete!

A&M was proud to design and construct the new Lloyd’s headquarters, but we feel ever prouder that Lloyd’s Register trusted A&M to deliver the project in just 120 days!

In a space of 2,000 sqm in a Syggrou Avenue building, A&M guided LLoyd’s in transitioning from closed office spaces to open plan layouts balancing functionality while maximizing working choices. With typical workstations placed on the perimeter of the building to utilize natural lighting as much as possible, a central spine takes the primary role to host all collaborative and communal spaces. Particular attention was paid to the acoustics and specialized lighting of the premises while an intense color palette and materials balance neutral and vibrant shades ensuring coherence between the 2 levels of the building.

Lloyd’s Register is now one of the leading professional service providers in the fields of engineering and technology, improving security and enhancing critical infrastructure performance in more than 75 countries around the world