Located in one of the liveliest districts of Athens, Nea Smyrni, a new pharmacy designed by A&M, opened its doors to the public. Driven by functionality, despite its limited space, an original environment is created with a contemporary but timeless aesthetic giving a new narrative to the traditional pharmacy setting implementing the atmosphere of a boutique store.

With a privileged position very close to the central square of Nea Smyrni, the glass envelope of the corner store gives a sense of transparency while taking up 2 levels. The ground floor, hosts the store’s main area along with the pharmacy’s laboratory and auxiliary spaces while the 2nd level, configured as an attic, serves the business’s storage needs.

The pharmacy’s design was inspired by a concept of contrast. While the outer shell is presented as an orthogonal strict box, transparent on both sides, a new curved box of organic geometry takes place within, creating an antithesis. The combination of linearity and the distinct presence of curved elements are key features of the design as they appear repeatedly even in the smallest details. The choice of materials is simple, with the dominance of white presenting itself across the store along with a harmonious blending of wood lined around the space and the floors, offering the right visual balance.