To celebrate A&M Architects’ 40th anniversary last year, we launched the 40 for 40 initiative, committing to 40 impactful deeds aimed at promoting sustainability, supporting our community, and enriching our culture. Now, a little more than a year later, we’re excited to wrap up this initiative! Throughout 2023 and part of 2024, we took actions […]

To celebrate A&M Architects’ 40th anniversary last year, we launched the 40 for 40 initiative, committing to 40 impactful deeds aimed at promoting sustainability, supporting our community, and enriching our culture. Now, a little more than a year later, we’re excited to wrap up this initiative! Throughout 2023 and part of 2024, we took actions ranging from aiding earthquake victims and planting trees to hosting educational workshops and promoting wellness, all reflecting our commitment to making a lasting impact.
Explore our full list of actions below and celebrate with us

  1. 40 Years of A&M Annual Conference
    A milestone event celebrating four decades of A&M’s journey, fostering knowledge exchange, and envisioning the future of design and architecture.
  2. Employee Awards
    Recognizing and appreciating the dedication and excellence of A&M’s workforce, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation within the organization.
  3. Aid for the Earthquake Crisis in Syria & Turkey
    Extending a helping hand by providing support and aid to those affected by the tragic earthquake crises in Syria and Turkey.
  4. Flowers for Every Woman in the Office to Honor International Women’s Day
    Marking International Women’s Day by acknowledging and celebrating the invaluable contributions of women within A&M’s community.
  5. Tree Planting with we4all
    A small contribution towards environmental sustainability through our donation in this tree planting initiative that promotes green initiatives for a better future.
  6. Sponsorship & Support on the 1st Ever Karpathos Run Initiative
    Encouraging and promoting health and fitness while supporting community initiatives like the first Karpathos Run.
  7. Short Film Dedicated to Honor A&M People
    Paying homage to the dedicated individuals who have been integral to A&M’s journey over the past 40 years.
  8. A&M Identity Transformation & Rebranding
    Embracing change and evolution through a comprehensive identity transformation, το redefine A&M’s vision for the future.
  9. Gate Restoration in the Village of Aperi, Karpathos
    Preserving cultural and architectural heritage by sponsoring the restoration of a landmark gate in the village of Aperi, Karpathos.
  10. Aid for the Wildfires All Over Greece through “O Allos Anthropos”
    Offering our support towards late summer wildfire relief efforts across Greece in collaboration with the humanitarian organization “O Allos Anthropos.”
  11. A&M Building Façade Refresh
    Revitalizing the A&M building façade, symbolizing a refreshed outlook and commitment to aesthetics and modernity of our neighborhood.
  12. Authentic Athens Marathon: A&M Running Team Participation on the 5km Race
    Encouraging participation and sportsmanship by joining the Authentic Athens Marathon and supporting the 5km race
  13. Student Career Orientation in Collaboration with Athens College
    Inspiring the next generation by providing career guidance and orientation for young students in collaboration with Athens College.
  14. Knowledge Sharing: AI Experimentation in Architecture
    Advancing architectural innovation through knowledge sharing and collective experimentation in AI technology.
  15. Pet Wednesdays at the Office
    Promoting a vibrant and inclusive workplace by celebrating pet-friendly days to foster a positive environment while boosting motivation.
  16. Rooftop Yoga Sessions
    Encouraging wellness and mindfulness among employees through rooftop yoga sessions to support mental and physical well-being.
  17. Participation at the Annual Race in Support of Breast Cancer Patients Across Europe
    Standing in solidarity and support for breast cancer patients through active participation in an annual race at the center of Athens.
  18. Blood Donation in Collaboration with
    Contributing to the community’s well-being as our team joined forces with the incredible nonprofit organization while many of our members offered an invaluable donation.
  19. Breath for Life First Aid Weekend Seminars
    Empowering the A&M community by organizing educational seminars focused on first aid, ensuring preparedness in emergency situations.
  20. Introduction to Office Recycling, a Step towards Sustainability
    Encouraging sustainable practices by initiating office-wide recycling programs, fostering a greener workplace environment.
  21. A&M Gear Creation
    Showcasing A&M pride and unity through the creation of branded gear, enhancing team spirit and identity.
  22. A&M Website Redesign
    Revamping the A&M website to reflect the company’s evolved identity and showcasing the creativity of its people.
  23. Basement Renovation
    Transforming the basement into a multifunctional space, including a playroom and happy hour space, catering to various needs and relaxation.
  24. Plastic Cup Replacement with Personalized Glass Cups or Bottles
    Promoting sustainability by replacing disposable plastic cups with personalized reusable glass cups & bottles in an effort to reduce environmental impact.
  25. Support a Public School in Our Neighborhood Through Renovating Its Play Areas
    Contributing to the local community by renovating play areas in a nearby public school, providing better facilities for children.
  26. Phone Booth Installments on 2nd Floor & Basement
    Enhancing privacy and convenience within the office by installing phone booths on the 2nd floor and basement for private communication.
  27. Craft Challenge
    Fostering creativity and relaxation among employees by organizing a flower wreath craft challenge, encouraging artistic expression while celebrating the beginning of Spring.
  28. A&M Spotify Playlists with Choices from the Entire Office
    Promoting inclusivity and diverse musical tastes by curating Spotify playlists featuring selections from across the entire A&M office.
  29. Bonding Daytrip over Paintball
    Encouraging team bonding and camaraderie through a fun-filled day trip centered around paintball.
  30. Support Through Various Actions the Activities of the Animal Shelter in Ilioupoli
    Contributing to animal welfare by supporting the activities and initiatives of an animal shelter in Ilioupoli.
  31. Book Exchange Corner
    Transforming an unused office space into a vibrant reading corner where employees can exchange their read books for new ones.
  32. Know Us Better: Monthly Internal Newsletter
    Launching a monthly internal newsletter to enhance transparency and uplift employee morale to improved internal communication and strengthen the sense of community among the teams.
  33. Privacy Matters: Phonebooth Installations
    With the goal to enhance privacy and comfort for individual and small team tasks while improving overall productivity, we embedded phone booth spots into our open office set up to provide employees with a more private and different set up for focused work.
  34. Clean Desk, Big Impact: Kypseli Public School Drawer Donation
    Donating A&M’s old office drawers to our neighborhood’s public school while upgrading to sleeker, more efficient storage solutions, supporting local education, and giving back to the community.
  35. A&M People 2024 Kick-Off Gift Box
    A&M welcomed employees back from the Christmas holidays with a goodie box containing six new items to help them start the new year on a positive note.
  36. Building Resilience: Human&Co Psychology Workshops
    Focusing on resilience, A&M participated in workshops to address team issues, foster growth, and equip leaders and employees with valuable psychological tools.
  37. Supporting Local Arts: Donation to Karpathos Theatre Organization
    Donating to the local theatre organization in Karpathos to support cultural initiatives in the community.
  38. XMAS Spirit Boost: Festivities and Celebrations
    Spreading holiday cheer with decorations, festive activities, and a pre-Christmas party with gift exchanges to elevate employee spirits and create a joyful atmosphere.
  39. Certified Safety: First Aid Training
    Conducting first aid training according to international CPR and First Aid protocols to certify a large percentage of employees, ensuring a safer workplace with essential first aid skills.
  40. A&M People’s Choice Awards
    Introducing a fun team-building event where employees voted live on various humorous categories to strengthen team bonds and celebrate the unique office culture.

Thank you for joining us on this meaningful journey!